I work as a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at North Bristol NHS Trust. My sub-specialty interest is microsurgical breast reconstruction and breast surgery. I decided to enter the field of Plastic Surgery after being inspired by this type of surgery as a junior doctor. In surgery we treat for necessity such as removing cancers, or for physical need, such as pain management, but breast reconstruction treats the patient as more than just a body. Restoring a woman’s sense of physicality, her identity, sexuality, the very essence of what makes her feel like herself is a job I relish and am privileged to do. I am fortunate to work in a job that I love, with the sole intent of making people feel better and I am grateful to my patients for giving me that opportunity.

In addition to this I also undertake skin lesion and skin cancer work, and emergency work covering adults and children at Bristol Children’s Hospital. I am part of the hospital team working on improving efficiency in Operating Theatres and expanding the services we provide for the growing numbers of skin cancers.

Working in the NHS can be hard and I often see patients or referrals for individuals with conditions that we are no longer able to treat such as over-sized breasts, uneven breasts, male breast tissue, loose or excess skin, non-cancerous skin lesions and many more. My experience as a Breast Reconstruction Surgeon has taught me that providing well-being to my patients is more than removing a cancer or helping with pain and that is why I have expanded my practice to include Cosmetic Surgery.